me, me, me, me

You love to play games, live life to the fullest and enjoy yourself. You have a tendency to be a heartbreaker, but you don't mean to. It's just in your nature. The person that catches your heart and mind will be a luckiest person on the planet.

BRITISH EMPIRE (1583 A.D-1997 A.D)
You are the high society, sophisticated type. You reap the benifets and enjoy life. And yet you still have the potential to win big money, land, or what you want. You have the tendency to get split on some matters, such as money, or whether to do this or do that.

Man with many faces. You can fit into any situation you are thrust into, but still retain who you are. You are clever and know how to get tasks done. You will remain loyal to yourself and those you care most about, but others on the outside might not be able to see this. You may seem like a cold person, but you do care about those placed under your watch. You wish to see people achieve their best but sometimes push them a bit hard to achieve that goal.

Your a great listener, but are very shy and quiet. You have a lot built up inside you, but keep to yourself. Your element is Fire: rage, fear, independent, and thoughtful. You see the world, but only see what you hear and can be somtimes blind. Your key can be sometimes tricky and decieving. It's hard, but you are very dependent upon yourself and life brings you hard decisions, but you learn from them. Because af that, you are the wisest of all the keys.
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